About Jaguar


    Jaguar Precision Machine Corp. began as a two-man shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1990. After several expansions and remodels in the 1990s, Jaguar grew to include dedicated office space, inspection room, material storage, and shipping/receiving areas as well as 5,000 square feet of manufacturing area. The next expansion included a second manufacturing area that took the total area of production to 8,750 square feet.

   Daniel Schatzman moved to become the new owner of Jaguar Precision Machine, LLC in 2014, focusing the company on investing in its people, processes, technology, and customers. We believe in only sourcing sophisticated products through our experienced team and resources through continuous improvement.

    Since the company’s start in 1990 Jaguar has grown into a prototype production machine shop experienced in providing advanced quality products for every customer. Advances in technology hold considerable potential for Jaguar as we continue to grow alongside the world as it develops, finding great interest for New Space projects in the manufacturing area.

People, Processes, Technology,
& Customers

    The four pillars of Jaguar's modernization have been improving people, processes, and technology in parallel to ensure a smooth path as we positively grow. We pride ourselves on having highly trained people who can utilize state of the art technology. Jaguar is continuously investing in the employees through new technology and education.

Investing in the Future

    Jaguar is currently sponsoring The University of New Mexico’s (UNM) Formula SAE Team - Lobo Motorsports, UNM's Rocket Team - Lobo Launch, and New Mexico Tech's (NMT) Rocketry Team. Jaguar also offers internships to eligible students enrolled in UNM's Engineering program or similar programs offered through higher education. This opportunity enables students to get hands-on experience in the demanding environment of the precision machining industry. Beginning in our inspection lab, interns will learn the vital skills of blueprint reading, knowledge of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), Keyence, and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) operation. Interns will learn overall inspection procedures and become familiar with the machining process, materials, measuring tools, and ISO 9001 / AS9100 requirements.

    Jaguar strives to continuously improve our effectiveness as an industry leader. We look at the situations and ourselves realistically when assessing initiatives by collecting data at every stage, analyzing that data, and identifying excellence and shortfalls. Then strategically addressing where necessary. This continuous process helps Jaguar make decisions utilizing comprehensive data.

Health & Safety

     Our lives and our quality of life are invaluable. Working with machinery and chemicals can put people in harm's way when policies and procedures fail to protect us. Jaguar takes action to ensure the protection of its people. Jaguar's safety culture includes being proactive and innovative in our safety policies and procedures with trained knowledge in OSHA compliance. We educate employees on how to handle emergencies and hazardous chemicals, how to control hazardous energy, the importance of proper PPE, and more.

Team Members

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Daniel Schatzman


Since Dan acquired the company in November 2014, resources remain invested into people, processes, technology, and customers. He fine-tuned the Jaguar culture to create a motivating atmosphere through the value of teamwork and innovation. Dan finds importance in maintaining the family culture and open-mindedness that is Jaguar Precision Machine.

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Kenton Losinski

General Manager | Sales Director

Kenton is a graduate of UNM earning his BS in Mechanical Engineering. He focuses his skills in quoting accuracy and communication between our employees and customers. As the General Manager, his ability to ensure things run smoothly and create a positive experience for our customers and employees is essential, Kenton is always ready to help.

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Michelle Summers

Purchasing Manager

Michelle has been in the manufacturing industry for 20 years. She takes care of the subcontractors, materials, hardware, and any other resources the facility may need. Communication with our suppliers goes primarily through Michelle as she organizes pricing and delivery. And you've never heard Happy Birthday quite as we get to!

Kaitlin Cordova

Quality Manager

Kaitlin has earned a BS in Environmental Science from NMSU. She has continued her training in AS9100 Lead Auditor and GDT courses. Kaitlin ensures Jaguar is always positively growing throughout the quality management system, its processes, and customer satisfaction.

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David Figueroa

Accounting Manager

David has a BBA from UNM and is a CPA candidate in the state of New Mexico. Along with staying on top of his duties, David ensures all of the Jaguar personnel are heard and taken care of. He believes, as we do, that there's always a way to make things better.

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Seth Billie

Operations Manager

Seth can do anything. His 18 years of metalworking experience includes goldsmithing, aerospace, and navy power work. Seth is also an avid hockey player who enjoys problem-solving and helping others elevate their personal skill sets.

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Jordan Hildebrant

System Architect

Jordan is astonishing in his knowledge and ability to help as we elevate Jaguar's network. He is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing Jaguar's data communications. Jordan has taken the lead in ensuring CMMC compliance as he monitors the computers and network infrastructure. He enjoys his dog, Scottie, who comes by once in a while to the shop to say hello to everyone.