jaguarpm-operator-inspection-dimension-aluminiumAt Jaguar we take the time to precisely manufacture complex and tight-toleranced components the right way.

  • Quality Certifications
    • AS9100 Rev.D
    • ISO 9001:2015



  • Jaguar Precision Machine Quality Policy:
    • Through continuous improvement of our processes and systems, we will strive to provide defect-free products that meet customer specifications and comply with ISO 9001 requirements.
    • We at Jaguar Precision take utmost care in both machining and quality inspection to ensure that parts always meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Quality Inspection Equipment List:
    • Wenzel XO-55 Coordinate Measuring Machine offers a 19.69″ stroke in the X and Y directions while offering a 27.56″ stroke in the Z direction.
    • Keyence Visual IM7030 Visual Inspection Machine
    • Trimos Vectra-Touch Electric Vertical Height Gauge offers a measuring range of 11.81″ to 7.87″ and is accurate to ±0.0002.
    • Quadra-Chek Optical Comparator3

Jaguar Precision is simply the best in customer service with their ‘can do’ attitude. Over the years, Jaguar has established very strong relationships with their suppliers, and only works with certified suppliers in order to ensure that Jaguar remains synonymous with quality.”